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First of all, Song Toan Accessories (SongToan Accessories) would like to send to customers who have been, are and will be cooperating to sell the items that Song Toan Accessories are distributing best wishes and best wishes..

Song Toan is the leading manufacturer of copper – brass metal products in Bac Ninh, formed and developed on the basis of Quang Bo craft village which has been established since the feudal era led by Duc To Nguyen Cong. Turmeric. (Nguyen Cong Nghe used to be a mandarin, but then he resigned from office to help people build a business).

Products at Song Toan Accessories are appreciated by customers as very high quality.

Now, when the country is popular, Song Toan Accessories have crossed many geographical boundaries. Today we serve customers in all regions in Vietnam and some regional countries.

Through website, now customers no longer have geographical limitations to experience and choose products like them on the website, we will receive orders through all. forms to best meet all of your requirements.

With us, customers will feel the professionalism, enthusiasm and more importantly, the products are always different with very reasonable prices.

The product difference of Song Toan Accessories will be our pride. Hope to receive the support and suggestions of customers.

Song Toan Accessories is a group of 6 brands:

  • Song Toan Brass (Manufacturing, supplying and exporting brass products. We are making all kinds of brass fittings according to drawings or samples).

  • Song Toan Plastic (Plastic products)

  • Song Toan Inox (Products from stainless steel)

  • Song Toan Shower (Sanitary Products)

  • Song Toan Agric (Products and materials in farming and growing)

  • Song Toan Crafts (Copper handicraft products)

Song Toan’s Accessories is oriented towards the philosophy that product and service quality is the top priority. To then run the company always maintain the highest standards, professionalism, business ethics, service and quality.

Relentless commitment, providing only the best products to its customers, creates a driving force for the growth of the business, not only in size, but also in depth and scope.

As part of a long-term strategy to expand capacity and increase market presence. Song Toan Accessories is actively looking for growth opportunities through reaching a vast customer base with a diverse product portfolio.

Our sustainability strategy sets the direction to grow and manage our business to deliver value to our customers. It underlines the importance of our cooperation with customers. Transparency and value creation are the foundation of the culture we nurture in our corporate community.

We have many years of experience in the brass industry

Song Toan Brass produces components and accessories for companies and for domestic commercial market as well as for export.

We are manufacturing components by turning, milling, stamping, pressing, forging, die casting, CNC etc.

Over the years, we have developed various products such as: brass threaded couplings, brass cable canopy, nuts, pipe plugs, clock parts, neutral bonding, brass fasteners , switchgear, brass pins, etc.

When the country was trading and SongToan Brass crossed many geographical boundaries. Today we have been serving customers in all regions of Vietnam and some countries in the region etc.

All brass and components are produced in detail with automatic machines in an environment of absolute quality control. These products are suitable for the industries of electrical power, Switches, Controls, Hardware & Sanitation, Water industry accessories, petrochemical, gas – refrigeration etc.

Accessories Song Toan is a business in Vietnam.


  • Tax code: 230 109 6274

  • Address: Ngoc Vien Village, Tan Lang Commune, Luong Tai District, Bac Ninh Province

Factory North

  • Address: Quang Bo Hamlet, Quang Phu Commune, Luong Tai District, Bac Ninh Province

  • Tel: (+84) 222 3511 688

South Office

  • Address: 124 Canal 19 May B, Tay Thanh Ward, Tan Phu District, City. HCM City

Contact us

Please fill out the required information to contact us. Song Toan will try to respond quickly to customer requests

Thanks and Best Regards.